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Whether you have a cement roof or a terracotta roof, your roof will eventually need maintenance or repairs. Re-bedding or re-pointing of the ridge capping cement is one of the most common roof repairs that occur. The ridge capping cement deteriorates and crumbles over time, creating leakage points in your roof and a weak roof structure. The best way to ensure your roof is well maintained is to have periodic inspections. Our committed staff specializes in renewing roofs and improving their appearance and longevity. In addition to increasing curb appeal, repointing protects your roof from leaks and weather-related damage and helps it last longer. At ZR Roof Cleaning, we use an exact procedure that starts with careful preparation and inspection and then is applied expertly using high-quality materials that are suited for your roof.
With an industry-leading warranty and a dedication to customer happiness, our skilled team guarantees quality at every stage. Make an appointment for a consultation with us right now to find out why so many people trust us with their roofing needs. Nevertheless, all roofs eventually require ridge capping repair, and there are often two choices available: roof re-pointing or roof re-bedding. It is advised that you get any roof cement work inspected by a licensed roofer. Your tradesman may find after inspection that, despite the roof’s apparent bad condition, it is actually in good shape and determine whether repointing or re-bedding of the roof is necessary.

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Invest in the durability and aesthetic appeal of your roof with our expert roof repointing services. Get in touch with ZR Roof Cleaning for a thorough assessment and customized price. Let our knowledgeable staff protect your house. To arrange your consultation and start down the path to a more robust and durable roof, give us a call right now or complete our online form!

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